Monitor Your Family`s Last Seen Activity

The most reliable WhatsApp and Telegram family tracker app with instant notifications

Last Seen WhatsApp

Last Seen is the best easy-to-use app for keeping track of your family's activity on WhatsApp. Developed with the entire family in mind, Last Seen notifies you when your children and other family members go online and offline on WhatsApp and gives you valuable insights into their online activity.

How Does It Work?

Last Seen is designed to let you see your contacts’ activity effortlessly.

Get Notified Instantly

You can manage notifications, check your contacts' activity log with detailed last seen reports to get an idea of how much time they spend online. Moreover, you can compare multiple contacts simultaneously and see if two people are chatting on WhatsApp together.

All Details in One Place

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to find out if your girlfriend is cheating with your friend, or if your child is chatting during study time or at night — now you can use Last Seen and get effortlessly accurate details about the person's online activity in WhatsApp.

Why Choose Us

Main Features of Last Seen

Showing online last seen time
Tracking multiple contacts simultaneously
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Sending online and offline notifications
Displaying handy activity log
Free Trial
Free trial period for 3 days